IP over DVB (ipdvb) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
2011-08-02 (System) Concluded group
2009-05-22 (System) Changed milestone "Submit ULE Security Requirements to IESG", resolved as "Done"
2007-11-05 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Extension Header Formats to IESG for publication as PS", resolved as "Done"
2006-12-12 (System) Changed milestone "Draft of a WG ID defining Security Requirements for the ULE protocol", resolved as "Done"
2006-08-25 (System) Changed milestone "Submit AR Framework to IESG", resolved as "Done"
2005-06-21 (System) Changed milestone "Draft of a WG ID on the AR Framework, specifying mechanisms to perform address resolution.", resolved as "Done"
2005-02-25 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Encapsulation to IESG", resolved as "Done"
2005-01-14 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Architecture to IESG", resolved as "Done"
2004-07-10 (System) Changed milestone "Draft of a WG Architecture ID describing usage of MPEG-2 transport for IP transmission.", resolved as "Done"
2004-03-18 (System) Changed milestone "Draft of a WG ID on the new Encapsulation.", resolved as "Done"
2004-01-28 (System) Started group
2003-10-13 (System) Proposed group