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Concluded WG IPP Extensions (ippext)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name IPP Extensions
Acronym ippext
Area Applications Area (app)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-ippext-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Carl-Uno Manros

Final Charter for Working Group

The intent of this work is to provide a number of extensions which were
not covered by the original IPP WG charter, but for which there is
industry demand.

- Short summary of the work done in the IPP WG.
  (Final drafts currently with the IESG).

- Explanation of the three proposed extensions areas:

  1) IPP Notifications (already started)

  2) IPP Optional Operations for Operators & Administrators

  3) IPP Extensions for Advanced Production Printing

Discussion and checking the level of IETF interest for these extensions.