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Concluded WG Internet Resource Name Search Service (irnss)

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WG Name Internet Resource Name Search Service
Acronym irnss
Area Applications Area (app)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-irnss-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Dr. John C. Klensin

Final Charter for Working Group

This BOF will examine some of the "above DNS" options and
alternatives for solving problems with Internationalization and
Internationalized access to DNS names and related Internet
resources. It will use a collection of existing documents as
the starting point for any subsequent working group or other

Examination of Internationalization and other issues with the
DNS has lead many members of the Internet community to the
conclusion that the DNS is being expected to serve roles and
support functions for which it is, by design, profoundly
unsuitable [1]. While not the only issue, the two of these
desired functions that have received the most attention to date
is the effort to internationalize domain names [2] and the
demand that the Internet's primary naming systems be sensitive
to the requirements of national and international trademark law
and practices [3]. In that context, strong requirements have
been expressed that require sensitivity to language issues (not
merely the sequences of characters/ code points on which the DNS
is based), ability to differentiate names by locale and area of
applicability (such as line of business). Variations in
spelling, case matching, or character representations or
similarities also call for a system with some "search and match"
capability, rather than merely the strict lookup capability of
the DNS. And, while the requirement for global uniqueness of
network identifiers (such as is the case with the DNS) remains
critical to a seamless, interconnected, Internet, there are
clearly requirements for named resource searches that are
completely sensitive to local (or national or regional or
topical) issues and requirements.

A general architectural model for such a system, using a layered
model and incorporating the existing DNS for the functions for
which it was designed and works well was outlined in [4]. This
model posits two new search mechanisms for finding resources:

  • A multihierarchical, faceted, global search system

  • A collection of localized search systems (corresponding
    roughly to yellow pages services that may be separated by topic
    as well as by location)

These are described as "sublayer 2" and "sublayer 3" in [5].
[6] is a specific proposal for implementing the sublayer 2
service using CNRP [7].

This BOF will consist of:
* A brief review of the three [sub]layer model and the
relationship among the layers.
* Exploration of sublayer 2 options, using [6] as a base.
* Discussion of whether or not to standardize sublayer 3 and, if
so, what elements of it.
* Planning a schedule for fleshing out sublayer 2 and developing
further documents.

It is assumed that the framework document (now [5]) and its
successors will remain a design team effort, eventually
progressing into an Informational or BCP document by four week
last call. It is also assumed that, if standardization or
further framework efforts are needed within sublayer 2 or 3,
these will be done as separate, per-sublayer, working groups.

Candidate tasks at sublayer 2:

(i) Determination of the minimal facet set and determination
mechanisms / registries for the controlled vocabulary facets.

(ii) Decisions about search mechanisms (e.g., CNRP or
otherwise) and appropriate details.

(iii) Understanding and details of distribution, mirroring,
and caching of data.


[1] See draft-klensin-dns-role-01.txt for a more extended
discussion and RFC 2825 for some additional discussion.

[2] E.g., the efforts of the IDN WG and a number of efforts
outside the IETF, including MINC, an ICANN Committee, and
internationalization or localization efforts in a number of

[3] See, e.g., the discussions of Domain Name trademark issues
and dispute resolution policies at

[4] See RFC 2826.

[5] draft-klensin-dns-search-03.txt (forthcoming, RSN)

[6] draft-mealing-sls-00.txt

[7] Popp, N., M. Mealling, L. Masinter, K. Sollins. "Context and
Goals for Common Name Resolution", RFC 2972. October 2000.