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Concluded WG MIME - X.400 Gateway (mixer)

Group history

Date By Action
1998-03-17 (System) Concluded group
1996-10-31 (System) Changed milestone "Submit revision of Internet-Draft for final review and consensus.", resolved as "Done"
1995-09-30 (System) Changed milestone "Hold one day open review meeting at Richmind UK to eliminate spelling error, correct BNF as needed, etc.", resolved as "Done"
1995-08-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Internet-Draft .", resolved as "Done"
1995-07-21 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at Stockholm IETF. Review document, check that all comments from implementors, service providers, and users have been addressed.", resolved as "Done"
1995-06-28 (System) Changed milestone "Start working group, mailing list, and archive.", resolved as "Done"
1995-06-27 (System) Started group
1995-06-20 (System) Proposed group