NOC-Tool Catalogue Revisions (noctool2) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1993-06-25 (System) Concluded group
1991-12-31 (System)
Changed milestone "Follow-up with final amendments to the document and the submission of the catalog to RFC Editor as an FYI RFC for publication.", resolved …
1991-08-31 (System)
Changed milestone "Draft of catalog will be prepared, draft to be reviewed              and modified. Initiate IETF Internet-Draft review process …
1991-03-31 (System) Changed milestone "Review Internet tool needs and updates/corrections for the ``Son of NOCTools'' catalog. Discussion of additional input to the catalog.", resolved as "Done"
1991-03-01 (System) Started group
1991-03-01 (System) Proposed group