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Concluded WG Peer to Peer Support for Session Initiation Protocol (p2p-sip)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name Peer to Peer Support for Session Initiation Protocol
Acronym p2p-sip
Area Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area (rai)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-p2p-sip-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chairs Brian Rosen, David A. Bryan
Mailing list Address
To subscribe

Final Charter for Working Group

The Draft Charter (see following text) contains a detailed description
of the proposed working group as well as references to the mailing
list and its archive. The constituency met in an ad-hoc fashion under
the auspices of the SIPPING working group at IETF 62, 63 64. Minutes
of those discussions are posted at:

Historically, the level of interest in this work gas been very high,
with more than 50 people attending the ad-hoc sessions despite their
unusual scheduling. There are existing drafts for use cases,
requirements, and two different solution approaches in the IETF
depository at the time of this request. Some of these documents have
been revised several times and are beginning to mature.

The most significant challenge the constituency has faced is narrowing
its focus to a scope that is manageable in an IETF working group. We
believe the following draft charter addresses that focus and has
strong consensus in the community.


Date Milestone Associated documents
May 2009 Submit P2PSIP usage document to the IESG (BCP)
Apr 2009 WGLC of P2PSIP usage document
Aug 2008 Submit P2PSIP Client Protocol document to the IESG (PS)
Jul 2008 WGLC of P2PSIP Client Protocol document
Mar 2008 Submit P2PSIP Peer Protocol document to the IESG (PS)
Jan 2008 WGLC of P2PSIP Peer Protocol document
Sep 2007 Submit P2PSIP overview document to the IESG (Informational)
Jul 2007 WGLC of P2PSIP overview document