Process Evolution Consideration for the IETF (pesci) Concluded WG

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WG Name Process Evolution Consideration for the IETF
Acronym pesci
Area General Area (gen)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-pesci-01 Approved
Dependencies Document dependency graph (SVG)
Personnel Chair Brian Carpenter 
Area Director Russ Housley 

Charter for Working Group

The IETF Chair has gathered a team called PESCI - Process Evolution
Committee of the IETF.

This team has (this will be true when the BOF rolls around) published a
document which contains two parts:

- A list of principles that the committee feels should underlie the
search for improvements to the IETF process

- A list of next steps that the committee feels should be undertaken in
order to get the necessary next process reform steps done.

The BOF seeks input on these two topics, and is expected to conclude
that either the next steps suggested by PESCI are untenable, or that
the next steps should be pursued (possibly modified based on feedback).

The PESCI team will report the conclusions from the BOF in the plenary.