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Concluded WG Point-to-Point Protocol (ppp)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name Point-to-Point Protocol
Acronym ppp
Area Internet Area (int)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-ppp-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chair Russ Hobby
Mailing list Address
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Final Charter for Working Group

The working group is defining the use of serial lines in data
networks. While the main intent is to standardize the connection of
IP networks over point-to-point links, the protocol is being designed
to be extensible to other network protocols as well. The protocol
will provide the capability of establishing the link parameters,
authentication, link encryption, link testing, as well as control of
the link while it is up. The protocol will also allow configuration
and control of the higher level protocols such as IP, OSI, 802.3
bridging, and others.


Date Milestone Associated documents
Mar 1988 Define a protocol for the link and IP layer.