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Concluded WG Resource Reservation Setup Protocol (rsvp)

Group history

Date By Action
2001-05-02 (System) Concluded group
1999-06-07 (System) Changed milestone "Submit RSVP specification to IESG for Proposed Standard status.", resolved as "Done"
1999-06-07 (System) Changed milestone "Release revised specification.", resolved as "Done"
1999-06-07 (System) Changed milestone "Submit the RSVP specification to the IESG for consideration as a Prototype RFC. Begin revision based on experience.", resolved as "Done"
1994-02-28 (System) Changed milestone "Prepare new draft of RSVP Protocol in time for Seattle IETF meeting, following e-mail review and possible MBONE meetings.", resolved as "Done"
1993-12-17 (System) Changed milestone "Hold BOF on RSVP at Houston IETF meeting.", resolved as "Done"
1993-12-16 (System) Started group
1993-11-30 (System) Proposed group