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Concluded WG Requirements for Unicast Transport/Sessions (ruts)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name Requirements for Unicast Transport/Sessions
Acronym ruts
Area Transport Area (tsv)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-ruts-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chairs Dr. Vern Paxson, Scott O. Bradner

Final Charter for Working Group

A number of IETF efforts have developed or are developing different
forms of reliable (and often "lightweight") transport protocols, because
they perceive that TCP is inadequate for their requirements.  This BOF
will explore what those requirements are, serving both as input into a
TSV directorate document discussing the services that can be built on
top of TCP; and to gauge the utility of developing a transport protocol
(perhaps a TCP variant) and/or session protocol that can meet these
needs in a general way.

The focus is on clear-and-present requirements for unicast and reliable
(or "near-reliable") transport/sessions, and not on general transport
protocol features, nor on specific alternative transport protocols
(except as they illustrate requirements).