Next Generation Structure of Management Information (sming) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
2003-04-04 (System) Concluded group
2001-08-30 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at 51st IETF", resolved as "Done"
2001-08-30 (System) Changed milestone "WG Last Call on requirements document as Informational RFC", resolved as "Done"
2001-06-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit revised I-D for Data Definition Language and Usage document", resolved as "Done"
2001-05-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit revised I-D for requirements document", resolved as "Done"
2001-03-30 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at 50th IETF", resolved as "Done"
2001-02-28 (System) Changed milestone "Submit Revised I-Ds including requirements I-D", resolved as "Done"
2001-02-10 (System) Changed milestone "IRTF documents complete & submitted to IETF", resolved as "Done"
2000-11-15 (System) Started group
2000-10-10 (System) Proposed group