Internet Mail Extensions (smtpext) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1993-03-11 (System) Concluded group
1992-03-31 (System) Changed milestone "Submit the SMTP Extensions document as a Proposed Standard.", resolved as "Done"
1992-03-31 (System) Changed milestone "Review and finalize the SMTP Extensions document.", resolved as "Done"
1991-12-30 (System) Changed milestone "Write a document specifying the changes to SMTP agreed to by the Group. Post as an Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1991-08-31 (System)
Changed milestone "Discuss the elimination of the 7 bit restrictions in SMTP, and the implications of removing this restriction in terms of interoperation.", resolved as …
1991-08-31 (System)
Changed milestone "Discuss the issues involved with binary transmission. Determine whether a ``binary'' mode should be pursued, and whether the SMTP line length restriction should …
1991-05-01 (System)
Changed milestone "Review the Charter of the Group.  Determine if changes to SMTP are necessary. Discuss the needs for backward compatability, and interoperability.  This discussion …
1990-12-03 (System) Started group
1990-12-03 (System) Proposed group