Service in the PSTN/IN Requesting InTernet Service (spirits) Concluded WG

Document Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
RFCs (4 hits)
RFC 2995 (was draft-ietf-spirits-implementations)
Pre-Spirits Implementations of PSTN-initiated Services
44 pages
Informational RFC
RFC 3136 (was draft-ietf-spirits-architecture)
The SPIRITS Architecture
10 pages
Informational RFC
RFC 3298 (was draft-ietf-spirits-reqs)
Service in the Public Switched Telephone Network/Intelligent Network (PSTN/IN) Requesting InTernet Service (SPIRITS) Protocol Requirements
17 pages
Informational RFC
Scott Bradner 
RFC 3910 (was draft-ietf-spirits-protocol)
The SPIRITS (Services in PSTN requesting Internet Services) Protocol
50 pages
Proposed Standard RFC
Jon Peterson