Internet Stream Protocol V2 (st2) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1996-03-15 (System) Concluded group
1995-08-30 (System) Changed milestone "Submit the new ST specification for publication as an RFC.", resolved as "Done"
1994-11-30 (System) Changed milestone "Address the previously identified areas and complete an Internet-Draft with a revised protocol specification.", resolved as "Done"
1994-11-28 (System) Changed milestone "Submit revised Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1994-04-30 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at the IETF meeting to review the completed Internet-Draft.", resolved as "Done"
1993-11-30 (System) Changed milestone "Meet at IETF meeting to identify possible contributors. Review current ST-II specification to identify areas that need revising.", resolved as "Done"
1993-10-07 (System) Started group
1993-08-30 (System) Proposed group