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Concluded WG Uninterruptible Power Supply (upsmib)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name Uninterruptible Power Supply
Acronym upsmib
Area Operations and Management Area (ops)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-upsmib-01 Approved
Document dependencies
Personnel Chairs Dr. Jeff D. Case, Maria Greene
Mailing list Address
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Final Charter for Working Group

This working group will produce a document that defines MIB objects
for use in monitoring and (possibly) controlling both high- and low-end
UPSs and related systems (e.g., power distribution systems or power
conditioning systems). Related devices may be addressed in this effort
to the extent that the primary focus on UPSs is not compromised.

The MIB object definitions produced will be for use by SNMP and will be
consistent with existing SNMP standards and framework.

At its discretion, the working group may fulfill its charter by the
development of distinct MIB definitions for UPS systems of differing
capabilities, but the number of MIB definitions produced by the
working group will not exceed two.

At its discretion, the working group may produce an additional document
defining traps that support the management of UPSs.

Although the working group may choose to solicit input or expertise
from other relevant standards bodies, no extant standards efforts or
authorities are known with which alignment of this work is required.

Because the structure of UPS implementations varies widely, the
working group shall take special care that its definitions reflect a
generic and consistent architectural model of UPS management rather
than the structure of particular UPS implementations.

It was decided (May-Aug 98) to take the UPS MIB off the standards
track because of lack of initiative for the work required to allow the
document to advance to Draft Standard status. (Namely, gathering data
for and publishing an implementation/interoperability report. See RFC
2026 for details.) The MIB has been widely implemented by UPS vendors,
however, and the working group considers it useful for management. The
plan to re-issue the MIB as an Informational RFC reflects a compomise
which keeps the MIB available and "mordernizes" it to reflect changes
in the SNMP management framework.


Date Milestone Associated documents
Nov 1998 Close down working group
Oct 1998 Submit the Internet Draft to the IESG for consideration as an Informational RFC.
Sep 1998 Issue an Internet Draft with the following changes from RFC 1628: convert the UPS MIB to SMIv2,appropriate modifications to make the document conform to RFC 2223.
Dec 1995 Meet at Dallas IETF to consider elevation of UPS MIB (RFC1628) to Draft Standard.

Done milestones

Date Milestone Associated documents
Done Submit the UPS MIB to the IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.
Done Meet at March IETF meeting to reach closure on MIB document.
Done Post initial draft MIB to Internet-Drafts.
Done Hold Interim Working Group meeting to review draft.