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Concluded WG Voice over IP over MPLS (vompls)

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WG Name Voice over IP over MPLS
Acronym vompls
Area Transport Area (tsv)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-vompls-01 Approved
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Personnel Chairs Antti Kankkunen, Gerald Ash
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Final Charter for Working Group

Voice over IP (VoIP) and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) are two
important emerging technologies.

Carrying voice over IP networks will potentially enable service
providers to use a single infrastructure for all services as the IP
based data services are beginning to dominate the traffic volumes in
public networks. Thus, VoIP is currently generating a lot of interest
among the user and provider community.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching, or MPLS, is an emerging technology that
is rapidly being adopted, particularly in the service provider markets.
Currently most attention on MPLS is focused on Internet Traffic
Engineering. The motivation for Voice over MPLS is to leverage the new
features being introduced in MPLS to support voice-over-packet service.

The initial purpose of Voice over MPLS BOF and subsequent effort is to
define a framework that provides a common reference point for the
operation of voice over MPLS and to identify any needed related
standardization work. The objectives of the effort include:

  • Defining an overall framework for the operation of Voice over

  • Defining the use of MPLS label-switched-paths (LSPs) as a bearer
    capability for packetized voice,

  • Identifying any resulting new requirements being placed on voice
    call control protocols or MPLS signaling protocols, and

  • Defining MPLS specific efficient transport mechanisms for
    packetized-voice possibly using link level or LSP level header
    compression or suppression mechanisms.

The intent is to support all appropriate voice call control protocols
(e.g., MEGACO, MGCP, and SIP) and MPLS signaling protocols (RSVP and
LDP). Note that the terms Voice over IP over MPLS and Voice over MPLS
are used interchangeably.

The purpose of the BOF will be to gauge interest in this effort, to see
if there is consensus on moving forward, and to reach consensus on the
direction to be followed.

Attendees should read the following documents in advance of the BOF: