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                                                        B. Allen
                                                        Chairman - ANSI T1X1.5
Internet Draft                                          Cambrian Systems
Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions WG
                                                        J. Anderson
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                                                        D. Kostas

                                                        B. Wang

                                                        A. White
                                                        Sprint Corporation

                        PPP Over SONET Mapping


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This Internet Draft addresses the PPP/SONET interface defined
in the IETF RFC 1619 and the standards work underway in T1X1 on

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PPP over SONET Mapping                                          October 1997

ANSI accredited T1 Technical Subcommittee T1X1 is responsible for
SONET standards development documented in ANSI T1.105. This development
includes SONET rates, formats and payload mappings specifications.
It has recently been brought to T1X1's attention the existence of
IETF RFC 1619 that defines a mapping for IP/PPP onto SONET. Results
from technical analyses and laboratory tests of the RFC 1619 mapping
have led T1X1 to conclude that RFC 1619, under certain conditions, is
not capable of providing payload transparency in SONET transport
networks. This technical flaw is a major concern to network operators
for it can lead to unexpected SONET transport system behavior and
failures. These results are documented in contribution T1X1.5/97-105
(URL ftp://ftp.t1.org/pub/t1x1/x1.5/7x151050.pdf).

As such, T1X1 is urgently developing a solution to the above noted
technical flaw and intends to publish the IP/PPP mapping for SONET
signals in ANSI T1.105. The target time frame for reaching technical
consensus on this work is April 1998.

With the intent of establishing global standards for SDH, T1X1 is also
pursuing specification of the IP/PPP mapping for SDH signals in ITU-T
Recommendation G.707. The target time frame for completing the G.707
enhancement is not yet determined, but is anticipated to be as early
as October 1998.

A T1X1.5 ad hoc meeting is scheduled for the first week in December
(exact dates TBD) in Kansas City for addressing IP/PPP over SONET
mapping requirements and possible solutions. IETF input is invited and
participants can attend to submit their proposals to this meeting and
subsequent T1X1.5 meetings. Please contact Brent Allen or Al White
(contact information given below) for further information.

Authors' Address

Brent Allen
E-mail: ballen@cambriansys.com
Telephone: +1-613-599-6060 (ext. 4899)
Fax: +1-613-591-2035

Cambrian Systems
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Kanata, Ontario
K2K 2X3

Jon Anderson
E-mail: jonanderson@lucent.com
Telephone: +1-732-949-0634
Fax: +1-732-949-3210

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PPP over SONET Mapping                                          October 1997

Lucent Technologies - Bell Laboratories
Room 2G-538
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Holmdel, NJ 07733-3030

Demos Kostas
E-mail: demos.kostas@telops.gte.com
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Fax:+1 972 718 4393

Al White
E-mail: al.white@mail.sprint.com
Telephone: +1-816-854-5266
Fax: +1-816-854-5189

Sprint Corporation
901 East 104th St.
Mailstop MOKCMD0808
Kansas City, MO 64131

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