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Internet-Draft                         Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
Expires June 3, 2002                                   L. Daigle, editor
Category: Best Current Practice
                                                         January 3, 2002

    IETF ICANN Protocol Support Organization Appointments Procedures

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     all provisions of Section 10 of RFC2026.

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   This document specifies the process by which the IETF appoints its 2
   representatives to ICANN's Protocol Support Organization's Protocol
   Council (PSO-PC).  Additionally, the process for selecting candidates
   for the PSO's appointments to the ICANN Board of Directors is
   specified.  This process specification reflects 2 years of IETF
   experience with ICANN, the PSO-PC and the PSO organization, since
   their inception in 1999.

1.0 Introduction

   The ICANN Protocol Support Organization (PSO) is defined by a
   Memorandum of Understanding (PSO MoU), [RFC2691], which in turn
   defines the structure and requirements of a "Protocol Council" (PSO-
   PC) made up of representatives appointed by the PSO MoU signatory
   Standards Development Organizations (SDOs).  The PSO MoU also
   stipulates that the PSO-PC will nominate an ICANN Director each year.

IAB                                                             [Page 1]

Internet-Draft      draft-iab-pso-appointments-00.txt       October 2001

   Two separate selection/appointment roles are discussed here.  The
   reader is referred to the ICANN By-Laws (available from
   http://www.icann.org) and the PSO MoU for the precise definitions of
   the support organizations and roles.  In short, ICANN has a "Protocol
   Support Organization", which is an abstract entity made up of several
   signatory standards development organizations.  The IETF is one such.
   To coordinate the communications and activities of the PSO, the
   participating organizations appoint 2 people to the Protocol Council
   (PSO-PC), which then acts as the communications nexus between the
   participating organizations and ICANN.  Section 3 of this memo sets
   forth the process for selecting IETF appointees to the PSO-PC.

   Separately from that, the PSO, through the PSO-PC, is tasked with
   naming 3 members for the ICANN Board of Directors (1 per year, for 3
   year terms, staggered).  Individual participating organizations (such
   as the IETF) can propose candidates for consideration.  Section 4 of
   this memo sets for the procedure for the selection of potential
   candidates for ICANN Board seats.

   Therefore, this document specifies the processes by which the IETF
   appoints its 2 PSO-PC representatives, and identifies candidates for
   consideration for the PSO ICANN Board of Directors appointment.

2.0 Experience -- PSO-PC members and ICANN Board appointments

   Two years of experience with the PSO-PC as a functioning entity has
   made it clear that the primary role of PSO-PC members is to act as
   liaisons from their appointing organization.  The PSO-PC itself does
   not do technical deliberations or policy-making, beyond the actions
   specified in the RFC 2691 and acting as a clearing house for PSO MoU
   signatories' combined input and consensus.  The PSO-PC currently
   undertakes its activities through scheduled teleconferences, and
   holds an annual general assembly, normally scheduled in conjunction
   with one of the PSO signatories' meetings.

   Originally, one of the IETF's PSO-PC appointees was an IAB member,
   and the other was not.  Subsequently, the latter was selected by the
   IETF NomCom to serve on the IAB, which provided the opportunity to
   evaluate whether direct communication with the IAB improved the
   effectiveness in the PSO-PC role.  The conclusion is that it is best
   to have established communication links with the IAB/IAB members,
   though IAB membership itself is not a requirement.

   The role of a member of the ICANN Board of Directors is much the same
   as that of any corporation, with the associated statutory
   responsibilities.   Additionally, the PSO as a whole is expected to
   ensure that ICANN has people with strong Internet technical knowledge

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Internet-Draft      draft-iab-pso-appointments-00.txt       October 2001

   on its Board, and any IETF-proposed candidate should be chosen with
   that in mind.

3.0 IETF PSO-PC member appointment process

   The primary role of a PSO-PC appointee is to participate in the PSO-
   PC interactions with ICANN, as described in the PSO MoU.  In acting
   as a representative of the IETF's participation in the PSO,
   appointees are responsible for liaising with the IAB on technical
   matters requiring PSO input, and otherwise keeping the IAB up to date
   on the state of the PSO.

   As part of its mandate for appointing external liaisons for the IETF
   (see [RFC2850]), the IAB is tasked with appointing PSO-PC members for
   the IETF.

   Normally, the IAB will appoint PSO-PC members for a 2 year term.
   Each position is considered for renewal/replacement in April of
   alternate years. The IAB may recall/change an appointment at its

   In accordance with the PSO MoU, the IAB will consider any candidates
   proposed as a result of the PSO-PC's/ICANN's call for nominations,
   posted concurrently with the posting of notice of the date of the
   annual meeting of the PSO General Assembly on the PSO Web Site.

4.0 IETF identification of potential ICANN Board member candidates

   The Internet technical community as a whole has a responsibility and
   a right to identify qualified candidates for the PSO to nominate to
   the ICANN Board of Directors.  In its role as a signatory SDO to the
   PSO, per the PSO MoU, the IETF may propose one or more candidates for
   consideration by the PSO-PC.

   There are 2 obvious approaches that could be followed here:  1) the
   IAB could consider extending the role of the IESG/IAB Nominating
   Committee (NomCom -- [RFC2727]) to research and review candidates
   proposed by the IETF community at large; 2) alternatively, this could
   be viewed as another "liaison" function for the IETF, to be filled by
   the IAB.

   In fact, neither approach suits perfectly.  A position on the ICANN
   Board is not a liaison position; any candidate appointed by the PSO-
   PC is to act on behalf of ICANN, not any SDO that may have provided
   an original nomination.  On the other hand, the NomCom (acting on
   behalf of the IETF) would not select the final Board candidate --
   merely a potential candidate to be considered by the PSO-PC.  The
   argument has been made that this is a fruitless duplication of

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Internet-Draft      draft-iab-pso-appointments-00.txt       October 2001

   scrutiny and a potential distraction of the NomCom's efforts which
   should be focused on filling IETF functions.

   Therefore, as part of its liaison with the PSO-PC, the IAB will
   select zero or more proposed candidates to be considered by the PSO-
   PC each year, and will also publicize, within the IETF, the PSO-PC's
   public call for nominations (see [RFC2691]), so that any interested
   IETF participant may nominate someone, or be nominated, for
   consideration by the PSO-PC in its appointment of an ICANN Board

5.0 Security Considerations

   As this document deals strictly with appointments processes, it is
   not expected to have any impact on network security.

6.0 References

   [RFC2691] Bradner, S., "A Memorandum of Understanding for an ICANN
             Protocol Support Organization", RFC 2691, September

   [RFC2727] Galvin, J., "IAB and IESG Selection, Confirmation, and
             Recall Process: Operation of the Nominating and Recall
             Committees", RFC 2727, February 2000.

   [RFC2850] IAB, B. Carpenter (ed), "Charter of the Internet
             Architecture Board (IAB)", RFC 2850, May 2000.

8.0 Authors' Addresses

   Internet Architecture Board
   EMail:  iab@iab.org

   Membership at time this document was completed:

         Harald Alvestrand
         Ran Atkinson
         Rob Austein
         Fred Baker
         Brian Carpenter
         Steve Bellovin

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Internet-Draft      draft-iab-pso-appointments-00.txt       October 2001

         Jon Crowcroft
         Leslie Daigle
         Steve Deering
         Sally Floyd
         Geoff Huston
         John Klensin
         Henning Schulzrinne

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