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Internet-Draft                                                  Ericsson
Updates: 2460 (if approved)                                   S. Bradner
Intended status: Standards Track                      Harvard University
Expires: April 15, 2010                                 October 12, 2009

         IANA Allocation Guidelines for the IPv6 Routing Header

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   This document specifies the IANA guidelines for allocating new values
   for the Routing Type field in the IPv6 Routing Header.

Arkko & Bradner          Expires April 15, 2010                 [Page 1]

Internet-Draft             IPv6 RH IANA Rules               October 2009

1.  Introduction

   This document specifies the IANA guidelines [RFC5226] for allocating
   new values for the Routing Type field in the IPv6 Routing Header
   [RFC2460].  Previously, no IANA guidance existed for such

2.  IANA Considerations

   New Routing Type values are allocated through IETF Review or IESG
   Approval [RFC5226].

   Note that two experimental values (253 and 254) are already available
   for use [RFC4727].

3.  Security Considerations

   This specification does not change the security properties of the
   Routing Header.  However, past experience shows that it is easy to
   design routing headers that have significant problems [RFC5095].

4.  References

4.1.  Normative References

   [RFC2460]  Deering, S. and R. Hinden, "Internet Protocol, Version 6
              (IPv6) Specification", RFC 2460, December 1998.

   [RFC5226]  Narten, T. and H. Alvestrand, "Guidelines for Writing an
              IANA Considerations Section in RFCs", BCP 26, RFC 5226,
              May 2008.

4.2.  Informative References

   [RFC4727]  Fenner, B., "Experimental Values In IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4,
              ICMPv6, UDP, and TCP Headers", RFC 4727, November 2006.

   [RFC5095]  Abley, J., Savola, P., and G. Neville-Neil, "Deprecation
              of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6", RFC 5095,
              December 2007.

Appendix A.  Changes from RFC 2460

   This document specifies only the IANA rules associated with the

Arkko & Bradner          Expires April 15, 2010                 [Page 2]

Internet-Draft             IPv6 RH IANA Rules               October 2009

   Routing Type field.

Authors' Addresses

   Jari Arkko
   Jorvas  02420

   Email: jari.arkko@piuha.net

   Scott Bradner
   Harvard University
   Cambridge, MA  02138

   Phone: +1 617 495 3864
   Email: sob@harvard.edu

Arkko & Bradner          Expires April 15, 2010                 [Page 3]