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                              A Statement


   This document contains a response to revelations of systematic
   surveillance by state actors.

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Thomson                   Expires July 31, 2014                 [Page 1]

Internet-Draft                  Statement                   January 2014

1.  Statement

                            we had a good thing

Thomson                   Expires July 31, 2014                 [Page 2]

Internet-Draft                  Statement                   January 2014

                             you messed it up

Thomson                   Expires July 31, 2014                 [Page 3]

Internet-Draft                  Statement                   January 2014

                               for everyone

Thomson                   Expires July 31, 2014                 [Page 4]

Internet-Draft                  Statement                   January 2014

                              we trusted you

Thomson                   Expires July 31, 2014                 [Page 5]

Internet-Draft                  Statement                   January 2014

                              we were naive

Thomson                   Expires July 31, 2014                 [Page 6]

Internet-Draft                  Statement                   January 2014

                               never again

Thomson                   Expires July 31, 2014                 [Page 7]

Internet-Draft                  Statement                   January 2014

2.  Security Considerations


Author's Address

   Martin Thomson


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