IPv6 Operations (v6ops) - IETF 116 Agenda

Mon. 9:30-11:30, 3rd floor G302

Meetecho link: https://meetecho.ietf.org/conference/?group=v6ops


Chair¡¯s Opening, 5m

WG Drafts

Framework of Multi-domain IPv6-only Underlay Networks and IPv4 as a Service, Chongfeng Xie, 10m

Operational Issues with Processing of the Hop-by-Hop Options Header, Chongfeng Xie, 10m

464XLAT/MAT-T Optimization, Jordi Palet Martinez, 10m

Individual Drafts

IPv6 CE Routers LAN Prefix Delegation, Tim Winters, 10m

Deep Dive into IPv6 Extension Header Testing: Behind a CDN, Nalini Elkins, 10m

Using DHCP-PD to Allocate /64 per Host in Broadcast Networks, Jen Linkova, 20m

IPv6 Site connection to many Carriers, Nick Buraglio, 10m

IPv6 only iterative resolver utilising NAT64, Momoka Yamamoto, 10m

Operational Presentation

IPv4/v6 dual-stack migration for in-house load balancers in LINE¡¯s data centers, Rei Shimizu from LINE Japan, 25m