Liaison statement
Status of the IETF MPLS-TP project documents 2011-02-11 (ref #052.01)

Submission date 2011-02-10
From IETF MPLS WG (Loa Andersson)
To SG15, Q9, Q10, Q12 and Q14 (
Response contact
Technical contact,,,,,,
Purpose For information
Attachments Status of MPLS-TP Documents Under Development in the IETF – February 10, 2011
The chairs of the MPLS, PWE3, and CCAMP working group would like to
you of the status of the MPLS-TP project within the IETF.

The attached document shows the many MPLS-TP documents that have been
worked on within the IETF, and shows what formal input has been
by SG15 of the ITU-T.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many experts from
who have contributed to this work by participating through the normal 
IETF process.

Loa Andersson (MPLS WG Co-chair)
Lou Berger (CCAMP WG Co-chair)
Matthew Bocci (PWE3 WG Co-chair)
Deborah Brungard (CCAMP WG Co-chair)
Ross Callon (MPLS  WG Co-chair)
Andrew Malis (PWE3 WG Co-chair)
George Swallow (MPLS WG Co-chair)