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IP Performance Metrics (ippm)

Add Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Active Internet-Drafts
  draft-ietf-ippm-2679-bis-01 A One-Way Delay Metric for IPPM 2015-01-26 I-D Exists
WG Consensus: Waiting for Write-Up Mar 2015
Bill Cerveny
  draft-ietf-ippm-2680-bis-01 A One-Way Loss Metric for IPPM 2015-01-26 I-D Exists
WG Consensus: Waiting for Write-Up Mar 2015
Bill Cerveny
  draft-ietf-ippm-checksum-trailer-01 UDP Checksum Complement in OWAMP and TWAMP 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
WG Consensus: Waiting for Write-Up Jul 2015
Al Morton
  draft-ietf-ippm-ipsec-09 IKEv2-based Shared Secret Key for O/TWAMP 2015-02-11 IESG Evaluation (for 4 days)
IESG Telechat: 2015-04-09
Submitted to IESG for Publication Nov 2014
Spencer Dawkins
Brian Trammell
  draft-ietf-ippm-metric-registry-02 Registry for Performance Metrics 2015-02-16 I-D Exists
WG Document Mar 2015
Bill Cerveny
  draft-ietf-ippm-model-based-metrics-04 Model Based Bulk Performance Metrics 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
In WG Last Call Nov 2014
Brian Trammell
  draft-ietf-ippm-rate-problem-10 Rate Measurement Test Protocol Problem Statement and Requirements 2015-02-05 RFC Ed Queue (for 46 days)
RFC Editor State: AUTH48
Submitted to IESG for Publication Nov 2014
Spencer Dawkins
Bill Cerveny
  draft-ietf-ippm-type-p-monitor-01 Differentiated Service Code Point and Explicit Congestion Notification Monitoring in Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) 2014-12-18 I-D Exists
In WG Last Call Jul 2015
Brian Trammell
  RFC 2330
(was draft-ietf-ippm-framework)
Framework for IP Performance Metrics 1998-05 RFC 2330 (Informational)
Updated by RFC7312
  RFC 2498
(was draft-ietf-ippm-connectivity)
IPPM Metrics for Measuring Connectivity 1999-01 RFC 2498 (Experimental)
Obsoleted by RFC2678
  RFC 2679
(was draft-ietf-ippm-delay)
A One-way Delay Metric for IPPM 1999-09 RFC 2679 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 2680
(was draft-ietf-ippm-loss)
A One-way Packet Loss Metric for IPPM 1999-09 RFC 2680 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 2681
(was draft-ietf-ippm-rt-delay)
A Round-trip Delay Metric for IPPM 1999-09 RFC 2681 (Proposed Standard)
  RFC 3148
(was draft-ietf-ippm-btc-framework)
A Framework for Defining Empirical Bulk Transfer Capacity Metrics 2001-07 RFC 3148 (Informational)
  RFC 3357
(was draft-ietf-ippm-loss-pattern)
One-way Loss Pattern Sample Metrics 2002-08 RFC 3357 (Informational) Allison Mankin
  RFC 3393
(was draft-ietf-ippm-ipdv)
IP Packet Delay Variation Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) 2002-11 RFC 3393 (Proposed Standard) Allison Mankin
  RFC 3432
(was draft-ietf-ippm-npmps)
Network performance measurement with periodic streams 2002-12 RFC 3432 (Proposed Standard) Allison Mankin
  RFC 3763
(was draft-ietf-ippm-owdp-reqs)
One-way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) Requirements 2004-04 RFC 3763 (Informational) Allison Mankin
  RFC 4148
(was draft-ietf-ippm-metrics-registry)
IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Metrics Registry 2005-08 RFC 4148 (Best Current Practice)
Obsoleted by RFC6248
Allison Mankin
  RFC 4656
(was draft-ietf-ippm-owdp)
A One-way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) 2006-09 RFC 4656 (Proposed Standard) 2 Allison Mankin
  RFC 4737
(was draft-ietf-ippm-reordering)
Packet Reordering Metrics 2006-11 RFC 4737 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6248
Lars Eggert
  RFC 5136
(was draft-ietf-ippm-bw-capacity)
Defining Network Capacity 2008-02 RFC 5136 (Informational) Lars Eggert
  RFC 5357
(was draft-ietf-ippm-twamp)
A Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) 2008-10 RFC 5357 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5618, RFC5938, RFC6038
1 Lars Eggert
  RFC 5388
(was draft-ietf-ippm-storetraceroutes)
Information Model and XML Data Model for Traceroute Measurements 2008-12 RFC 5388 (Proposed Standard) Lars Eggert
  RFC 5481
(was draft-ietf-ippm-delay-var-as)
Packet Delay Variation Applicability Statement 2009-03 RFC 5481 (Informational) Lars Eggert
  RFC 5560
(was draft-ietf-ippm-duplicate)
A One-Way Packet Duplication Metric 2009-05 RFC 5560 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6248
Lars Eggert
  RFC 5618
(was draft-ietf-ippm-more-twamp)
Mixed Security Mode for the Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) 2009-08 RFC 5618 (Proposed Standard) Lars Eggert
  RFC 5644
(was draft-ietf-ippm-multimetrics)
IP Performance Metrics (IPPM): Spatial and Multicast 2009-10 RFC 5644 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6248
Lars Eggert
  RFC 5835
(was draft-ietf-ippm-framework-compagg)
Framework for Metric Composition 2010-04 RFC 5835 (Informational) Lars Eggert
  RFC 5938
(was draft-ietf-ippm-twamp-session-cntrl)
Individual Session Control Feature for the Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) 2010-08 RFC 5938 (Proposed Standard) Lars Eggert
  RFC 6038
(was draft-ietf-ippm-twamp-reflect-octets)
Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Reflect Octets and Symmetrical Size Features 2010-10 RFC 6038 (Proposed Standard) Lars Eggert
  RFC 6049
(was draft-ietf-ippm-spatial-composition)
Spatial Composition of Metrics 2011-01 RFC 6049 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6248
Lars Eggert
  RFC 6248
(was draft-morton-ippm-rfc4148-obsolete)
RFC 4148 and the IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Registry of Metrics Are Obsolete 2011-04 RFC 6248 (Informational) Lars Eggert
  RFC 6349
(was draft-ietf-ippm-tcp-throughput-tm)
Framework for TCP Throughput Testing 2011-08 RFC 6349 (Informational) Wesley Eddy
  RFC 6534
(was draft-ietf-ippm-loss-episode-metrics)
Loss Episode Metrics for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) 2012-05 RFC 6534 (Proposed Standard) 1 Wesley Eddy
  RFC 6576
(was draft-ietf-ippm-metrictest)
IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Standard Advancement Testing 2012-03 RFC 6576 (Best Current Practice) Wesley Eddy
  RFC 6673
(was draft-ietf-ippm-rt-loss)
Round-Trip Packet Loss Metrics 2012-08 RFC 6673 (Proposed Standard) Wesley Eddy
  RFC 6703
(was draft-ietf-ippm-reporting-metrics)
Reporting IP Network Performance Metrics: Different Points of View 2012-08 RFC 6703 (Informational) Wesley Eddy
  RFC 6802
(was draft-ietf-ippm-twamp-value-added-octets)
Ericsson Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Value-Added Octets 2012-11 RFC 6802 (Informational) 2 Wesley Eddy
  RFC 6808
(was draft-ietf-ippm-testplan-rfc2679)
Test Plan and Results Supporting Advancement of RFC 2679 on the Standards Track 2012-12 RFC 6808 (Informational) Wesley Eddy
  RFC 7290
(was draft-ietf-ippm-testplan-rfc2680)
Test Plan and Results for Advancing RFC 2680 on the Standards Track 2014-07 RFC 7290 (Informational) Spencer Dawkins
Brian Trammell
  RFC 7312
(was draft-ietf-ippm-2330-update)
Advanced Stream and Sampling Framework for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) 2014-08 RFC 7312 (Informational) Spencer Dawkins
Bill Cerveny
  RFC 7398
(was draft-ietf-ippm-lmap-path)
A Reference Path and Measurement Points for Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance 2015-02 RFC 7398 (Informational) Spencer Dawkins
Brian Trammell
Add Document Title Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
Related Internet-Drafts
  draft-chen-ippm-coloring-based-ipfpm-framework-03 IP Flow Performance Measurement Framework 2015-02-16 I-D Exists 2
  draft-cmzrjp-ippm-twamp-yang-00 Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Data Model 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
  draft-deng-ippm-passive-wireless-usecase-01 Use-cases for Passive Measurement in Wireless Networks 2015-01-10 I-D Exists
  draft-elkins-ippm-pdm-option-03 IPPM Considerations for the IPv6 PDM Destination Option 2015-02-15 I-D Exists
  draft-mirsky-ippm-time-format-00 Support of IEEE-1588 time stamp format in Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) 2015-01-16 I-D Exists
  draft-mornuley-ippm-initial-registry-01 Initial Performance Metric Registry Entries 2015-03-09 I-D Exists
  draft-morton-ippm-active-passive-01 Active and Passive Metrics and Methods (and everything in-between) 2015-02-24 I-D Exists
  draft-pan-ippm-sdn-addr-resolv-perf-00 Address Resolution Delay Metric in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) 2014-10-24 I-D Exists
  draft-tempia-ippm-p3m-00 A packet based method for passive performance monitoring 2015-03-05 I-D Exists 1
  draft-zheng-ippm-framework-passive-03 Framework for IP Passive Performance Measurements 2015-02-11 I-D Exists