Network Working Group                         Greg Vaudreuil
     Internet Draft                        Octel Network Services
     Expires: 1-25-95                              August 1, 1994
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     1. Introduction
     This memo defines a generic packaging mechanism for mail system reports.
     The Multipart/Report is a convention for interpersonal message
     notifications for MIME.
     2. Multipart/Report
     Mime type name: Multipart
     Mime Sub-Type name: Report
     Required Parameters: Boundary, Report-type
     Optional Parameters: None
     Encoding Considerations: 7bit should always be adequate.
     The syntax of a Multipart/Report is identical to the Multipart\Mixed
     content type.  The Report may contain up to three body parts.  The
     Multipart/Report must always be the outer-most MIME content.  The semantics
     of a Multipart/Report which is not the outermost content type such as a
     forwarded Multipart/Report are undefined.  The report-type parameter
     indicates the type of Report.  Expected Report types include delivery
     status and read receipts.
          The Multipart/Report is required to be the outermost content type so
          that existing final delivery agents which can route messages based on
          RFC 822 heasder fields may detect the multipart/report header and
          provide automated processing of reports.
     The first body part is intended to be a single text/plain or
     multipart/alternative set of text/plain body parts describing the report in
     human readable form.  This text may be in any character set or language as
     appropriate for the environment.
     The second body part is a machine parseable description of the Report such
     as a message/delivery-report.  This body part is described in a separate
     document and is indicated by the Report-type parameter.  If the delivery
     Internet Draft        Multipart/Report        August 1, 1994
     report is to be privacy enhanced, this body part may be packaged in a a
     multi-part security content.
          Note that multipart security body parts which operate on the entirity
          of the multipart/report will violate the reqirement that the
          multipart/report be the top-level content-type on the message.
     The third body part may be of any content-type and contains the returned
     message for which the delivery report is defined. This may include
     Message/RFC822 but is not restricted to be such.
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     4. Security Consideration
     Multipart/Report introduces no security threats beyond those already
     present in Internet mail.  Automated use of report types without
     authentication may present opportunities for denial-of-service attacks.
     5. Author's Address
     Gregory M. Vaudreuil
     Octel Network Services
     17080 Dallas Parkway
     Dallas, TX 75248-1905