Shepherd writeup

(1) This document is Proposed Standard, and this is the type of RFC.


Technical Summary:

  This document defines an extensible method to return additional
  information about the cause of DNS errors.  Though created primarily
  to extend SERVFAIL to provide additional information about the cause
  of DNS and DNSSEC failures, the Extended DNS Errors option defined
  in this document allows all response types to contain extended error

Working Group Summary:

  The document went through a rigorous consensus process, and there were
  several points which took a few iterations to resolve, but they were
  all resolved to strong approval from the working group.

Document Quality:

  There are no current implementations, but both software vendors and
  third party DNS providers are planning to implement these error codes
  now that the specifics have been agreed on.


Document Shepherd:  Tim Wicinski
Responsible Area Director:  Barry Leiba

(3)  The Document Shepherd did a detailed review of the document for content as 
well as simple editorial checks (spelling/grammar).  The shepherd feels
the document is ready for publication.

(4) The Document Shepherd has no concerns on the depth or breadth of the reviews.

(5) There is no need for broader review.

(6) There are no concerns from the document shepherd.

(7) No IPR disclosures

(8) There is no IPR

(9) WG Consensus is solid.  There has been many iterations and comments from a
broad spectrum of working group participants.

(10) There has been no appeals.

(11) All nits found have been addressed by the authors.

(12) No formal review needed

(13) All references have been identified as normative or informative.

(14) There is a Normative reference to ietf-dnsop-serve-stale, but that
document is in the RFC-Editor queue.

(15) There are no downward normative references

(16)  This RFC will not change any existing RFCs.

(17) The document shepherd confirmed the consistency and references of the 
IANA Considerations section are accurate

A New Extended DNS Error Code EDNS Option


The document calls for the creation of a new IANA Registry.

Registry Name: "Extended DNS Error" 
Code point space: 

   o  0 - 49151: First come, first served.
   o  49152 - 65535: Experimental / Private use.

Because the registry is first-come, first-served, no expert reviews for
future allocations are needed. 

(19) N/A

(20) No Yang Necessary