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Active teams

Team Name Chairs
ccg Community Coordination Group Russ Housley , NRO Chair , Greg Shatan
covid19ws COVID-19 Network Impacts IAB Workshop, 2020
escapews Exploring Synergy between Content Aggregation and the Publisher Ecosystem
hackathon Hackathon Charles Eckel , Barry Leiba , Benno Overeinder
hotrfc Hot RFC Lightning Talks Spencer Dawkins , Aaron Falk
aidws IAB Workshop on Analyzing IETF Data
carisws IAB Workshop on Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale
eimpactws IAB workshop on Environmental Impact of Internet Applications and Systems Jari Arkko , Lars Eggert , Colin Perkins
enamews IAB Workshop on Explicit Internet Naming Systems
smartobjectsws IAB Workshop on Interconnecting Smart Objects with the Internet
iotsuws IAB Workshop on Internet of Things Software Update
privacyws IAB Workshop on Internet Privacy
itatws IAB Workshop on Internet Technology Adoption and Transition
iotsiws IAB Workshop on IoT Semantic Interoperability
mtenws IAB workshop on Management Techniques in Encrypted Networks (M-TEN) Wes Hardaker , Mallory Knodel , Tommy Pauly
marnewws IAB Workshop on Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World
mnqeuws IAB Workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End-Users
rtgadrws IAB Workshop on Routing and Addressing
semiws IAB Workshop on Stack Evolution in a Middlebox Internet
unwantedtrafficws IAB Workshop on Unwanted Traffic
wirelessws IAB Workshop on Wireless Internetworking
dedrws IAB Workshop: Design Expectations vs Deployment Reality in Protocol Development
ccirtcws IAB/IRTF Workshop on Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time Communication
iepg IEPG - Internet Engineering and Planning Group Warren "Ace" Kumari , Chris Morrow
moderators IETF discussion list moderators
rpat RFC Production Advisory Team
systers Systers Kirsty Paine
tdd Technology Deep Dive Warren "Ace" Kumari , Lucas Pardue , Ian Swett , Martin Thomson , Brian Trammell
tools The Tools Team Robert Sparks
strintws W3C/IAB workshop on Strengthening the Internet Against Pervasive Monitoring
ycsupport YangCatalog Support