Internet-Draft submission

This page is used to submit Internet-Drafts to the Internet-Draft repository.

The last submission time for new Internet-Drafts before the meeting is 2020-07-13 23:59 UTC.
After that, you will not be able to submit drafts until after 2020-07-25 23:59 CEST (IETF-meeting local time)

If you run into problems when submitting an Internet-Draft using this and the following pages, you may alternatively submit your draft by email to However, be advised that manual processing always takes additional time.

By submitting your I-D, you are granting some rights to the IETF Trust. Before you submit your I-D, review the information on the NOTE WELL tab and BCP 78, "Rights Contributors Provide to the IETF Trust".

Before you submit your I-D, it is recommended that you check it for nits using the idnits tool.

Please send reports about submission problems to, or, if you feel this is a bug, please report it to the Tools Team using the Bug Report links at the bottom of the page.

Upload an Internet-Draft

Either a plain-text document or a valid .xml file which can be processed by the xml2rfc processor must be provided.
If no .txt file is provided, one will be generated from the .xml file.
Other file types are optional.