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Shepherd writeup

(This writeup follows the alternate format as provided at

1. Summary

Document shepherd is Pasi Sarolahti. Responsible AD is Martin Stiemerling.

Traditionally the explicit congestion notification can deliver only one
congestion signal in a round-trip time with TCP. This Informational document
motivates the case for delivering more accurate congestion information for TCP.
It discusses high-level requirements for methods for delivering more accurate
congestion information, but does not specify such mechanism. Therefore
Informational is considered appropriate document type.

2. Review and Consensus

The document was reviewed by a few WG participants in its different phases,
also during the WGLC. There has been no controversy over it. TCPM chairs
believe the document is stable and has gone through a sufficient review, and is
ready for publication.

3. Intellectual Property

There are no IPR disclosures on this document, and the authors have confirmed
that they are not aware of undisclosed IPR related to this document.

The draft discusses the possible solution space and related earlier proposals,
some of which have disclosed IPRs (draft-bensley-tcpm-dctcp-01,
draft-kuehlewind-tcpm-accurate-ecn-03). These disclosures can be found on the
IPR page based on the respective draft names.

4. Other points

None. There were no issues based on the checklist provided with the alternative
write-up instructions.