Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Murray Kucherawy is the document shepherd.  Alexey Melnikov is the responsible Area Director.

   This document registers the "secret-token" URI scheme, to aid in the
   identification of authentication tokens.

The document seeks informational status, which is appropriate as it does not specify a standards-track protocol and instead registers a URI scheme and describes its intended use.

2. Review and Consensus

The document was discussed in the DISPATCH working group, where there was general support for the idea but no support for the notion of creating a working group around it.  DISPATCH recommended Area Director sponsorship and Alexey volunteered.

3. Intellectual Property

The author affirms compliance with BCPs 78 and 79.  No undeclared IPR claims are known.

4. Other Points

This document is informational, and as such downward references are not a concern.

The IANA Considerations section appears to be correct (with respect to RFC 7595) and complete.  Provisional registrations are first come first served, so this does not require expert review.

The document appears to be ready for publication.  About the only suggestion I have personally is that the term "bearer token" might deserve a reference to a formal definition, or at least an example ("e.g., password" maybe?).

No formal directorate reviews are required, other than the ones that will be triggered automatically anyway.

There is some ABNF in the document but it appears to be correct and complete.

Ship it!