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Status update for WG

Scope of the MPLS wg responsibility
The MPLS working group is responsible for standardizing technology
for label switching and for the implementation of label-switched 
paths over packet based link-level technologies.

The working group's responsibilities include procedures and protocols
for the distribution of labels between Label Switching Routers 
(LSRs), MPLS packet encapsulation, and for Operation, Administration,
and Maintenance (OAM) for MPLS systems including the necessary 
management objects expressed as YANG models or MIB modules.

Current Focus
The MPLS working group are currently working on YANG models for the MPLS
key protocols, MPLS resilient rings (RMR), MPLS data plane documents for Service
Function Chaining (SFC) and Segment Routing, and Deterministic Networking 

The latest RFCs published were:
RFC 8320 "LDP Extensions to Support Maximally Redundant Trees" 2018-02 
RFC 8372 "MPLS Flow Identification Considerations" 2018-05


MIB     Management Information Base
OAM   Operations, Adminstration and Maintenance
wg       working group