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maprg: Measurement and Analysis for Protocols

Scheduled Sessions

Agenda, Minutes, and Bluesheets

Agenda IETF113: maprg (agenda-113-maprg)
Minutes IETF113: maprg (minutes-113-maprg)
Bluesheets IETF113: maprg : Wed 10:00 (bluesheets-113-maprg-202203231000)

Chatlog and polls

Chat Log IETF113: maprg: Wed 10:00 (chatlog-113-maprg-202203231000)


Intro (chairs) (slides-113-maprg-intro-chairs)
Glowing in the Dark (slides-113-maprg-glowing-in-the-dark)
Survey on DNSSEC deployment metrics (slides-113-maprg-survey-on-dnssec-deployment-metrics)
Assessing Support for DNS-over-TCP in the Wild (slides-113-maprg-assessing-support-for-dns-over-tcp-in-the-wild)
One to Rule them All? A First Look at DNS over QUIC (slides-113-maprg-one-to-rule-them-all-a-first-look-at-dns-over-quic)
Performance of QUIC Implementations Over Geostationary Satellite Links using the QUIC Interop Runner (slides-113-maprg-minor-update)
QUICsand: Quantifying QUIC Reconnaissance Scans and DoS Flooding Events (slides-113-maprg-quicsand-quantifying-quic-reconnaissance-scans-and-dos-flooding-events)


Notes and recordings

Notepad for note-takers
Video recording for MAPRG on 2022-03-23 at 10:00:00
Session recording

Unscheduled Sessions