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NomCom 2006/2007 IESG and IAOC Announcement
February 27, 2007

Andrew Lange <>
IETF Announcement list <>
February 27, 2007
NomCom 2006/2007 IESG and IAOC Announcement
I am pleased to announce that the 2006-2007 NomCom selection and
confirmation process for IESG and IAOC is complete. At this time, on
behalf of the NomCom, here is the list of IESG and IAOC members selected
for the positions under review by the NomCom:


Russ Housley    IETF Chair/General Area Director
Chris Newman    Application Area Director
Mark Townsley   Internet Area Director
Ron Bonica      Operations and Management Area Director
Jon Peterson    Real-time App. and Infra. Area Director
Dave Ward       Routing Area Director
Tim Polk        Security Area Director
Lars Eggert     Transport Area Director

Jonne Soininen

The NomCom joins the rest of the IETF community in thanking all these
individuals for taking these positions, and in thanking all those who
volunteered to be considered as a candidate in the NomCom process.

The IAB list will be announced in a few days.

- Andrew Lange (chair), for the 2006-2007 IESG Nominating Committee