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2004/05 NomCom Selections
February 24, 2005

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February 24, 2005
2004/05 NomCom Selections
I am pleased to announce the results of the 2004-2005
NomCom selection process. The IAB has approved the IESG
candidates and the ISOC board has approved the IAB
candidates. Please welcome them in their roles:

IETF Chair/General Area Director - Brian Carpenter
Applications Area Director - Ted Hardie
Internet Area Director - Mark Townsley
Operations and Management Area Director - David Kessens
Security Area Director - Russ Housley
Routing Area Director - Bill Fenner
Transport Area Director - Jon Peterson

Bernard Aboba
Loa Andersson
Kurtis Lindqvist
Dave Meyer
Pekka Nikander
Lixia Zhang

Many people deserve to be thanked. First, thanks are due to
all of those who volunteered to serve on the NomCom, and
especially to those who were randomly selected and served as
voting members of the NomCom. They contributed considerable
time from their busy schedules to participate in several calls a
week, to conduct interviews, to read questionnaires and lots of
email, and of course, to make the difficult selection of
candidates. Likewise, all the liaisons for providing guidance to
the NomCom team. Finally, to Rich Draves (and all past
NomCom chairs), for providing considerable guidance and
foundation on which to base our efforts.

We offer our sincere apologies to all those affected by our
tardiness - all I can say is that our latent delivery was
resultant of certain "non-group think" and considerable due
diligence on a huge slate of excellent nominees, and we do
believe our careful consideration was in the best interest of
the IETF.

Thanks to those in the community who volunteered to serve on
the IESG and the IAB, both to those who were selected and
those not chosen this time around. Thanks very much for
completing the questionnaires and participating in interview process.

Thanks are also due to the IETF community as a whole for
providing input to the process through nominations,
recommendations, and feedback on potential candidates.

Voting Members:

Alia Atlas
Andrew Lange
Chris Liljenstolpe
Juha Wiljakka
Lakshminath Dondeti
Magnus Westerlund
Markus Isomaki
Matt Larson
Russ White
Stewart Bryant

Non-voting Members:

Eric Rescorla (IAB Liaison)
Alex Zinin (IESG Liaison)
Steve Crocker (ISOC Liaison)
Richard Draves (Previous Chair/Advisor)
Danny McPherson (Chair)


-danny (On behalf of the 2004/05 NomCom)