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Nomcom 2011-2012: Call for community feedback
October 11, 2011

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
October 11, 2011
Nomcom 2011-2012: Call for community feedback
As per RFC 5680, NomCom 2011-2012 is issuing a call to the entire IETF
community for feedback on the Willing Nominees for the open IETF
positions. Nominations for the open positions are now closed and the
list of willing nominees is now quite stable.

Why is feedback important?

Feedback is information you think will help NomCom make a decision on
selecting candidates for open IETF positions. Feedback should be based
on information you know first hand about an individual nominee.
Community feedback is the most important input that determines who
fills the open positions. We cannot properly execute the task of
selecting the best candidates for the open positions without **YOUR**
participation and feedback.

Review the list of willing nominees and open positions 

The open list is currently available on the Nomcom page and the entire
community is invited to provide feedback on all nominees.  You can
provide your comments on all willing nominees at the following URL:

where the list of willing nominees is available and sorted by open

IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to the Provide Feedback pages requires an login. Logins used for previous years' nomcom pages used
the login, which is separate. To get a
login if you don't already have one, please go to this page:

Means of providing feedback to the NomCom 

You can use one (or more) of the following methods to provide feedback
to the Nomcom:

- The best method is to enter it directly on the NomCom website at . Click on the name of
the person who you are providing feedback about and enter the text you
want to provide us.

- Send an email to and be sure to identify the
nominee and position the feedback pertains to.

- Contact one (or more) of the Nomcom members by email.

- Contact us in person in Taipei during our office hours. (to be
  announced soon)

- You can provide **anonymous** feedback by contacting either the
Nomcom chair or any of the Nomcom members who will anonymize it for
the rest of the members.

I would like to thank everyone who has provided us feedback already, 
and hope that more people from the community will take time to provide
us further feedback.

Suresh Krishnan
Chair, NomCom 2011-2012