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Nomcom 2011-2012: IAOC Appointment
January 27, 2012

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
January 27, 2012
Nomcom 2011-2012: IAOC Appointment
Hi all, 

The 2011-2012 IETF Nominating Committee is pleased to announce
the selection of an individual to serve on the IETF
Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) for a two year term
starting at IETF83.

The Nomcom has selected Marshall Eubanks as an IAOC member,
and this selection has been confirmed by the IESG in its role as
the confirming body.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Marshall for
agreeing to serve, to the many highly qualified members of the
community who offered to serve, and to the community for their
assistance in this process.

Suresh Krishnan
Chair, NomCom 2011-2012