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Next steps after objection resolution
August 22, 2022

NomCom Chair 2022 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
August 22, 2022
Next steps after objection resolution
I have been unable to establish regular contact with Jon Hudson. I have made numerous attempts, even a public plea on Twitter[1]. We exchanged one actual mail message, and two from me have had no reply over nearly four days. After consulting with my five prior predecessors, all who replied support my decision: I have concluded that I have to replace him.

After seeing Andrew's decision, I am going to do what my predecessors did, and pick the next person from the random list.  This is
   11  0184D253A5487016FE5FC077BFA4535D  257  -> 89 <- Ines Robles
   12  47AFD3D5F0A518C8789E75277E5F7B53  256  -> 86 <- Huaimo Chen
   13  038B5AE49FF7437A6F89BFDBED93AB43  255  -> 41 <- Daniel Havey
   14  1D2E3BC99AEF93135CA7B59862EC233F  254  -> 118 <- Kirsty Paine

Huaimo is ineligible because they would be the third person from Huawei. I have email from Ines and Daniel that they decline, and an email from Kirsty that says she accepts. Therefore, Kirsty is now the final voting member of the 2022 NomCom.

Thank you all for your patience. The committee will now spend (a hopefully short) time getting organized and ready to open nominations.

-Rich Salz, IETF 2022 NomCom chair