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NomCom 2012: [REMINDER] Nominations and Feedback
September 19, 2012

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement List <>
September 19, 2012
NomCom 2012: [REMINDER] Nominations and Feedback
This is a reminder that any nominations for IETF leadership positions must 
be sent to the NomCom on or before Monday, September 24. Additionally, 
the NomCom requests that the community provide feedback to the 
NomCom about the individuals that are being considered for leadership 

Nominations can be made using the web tool:

Nominations can also be made by sending email to A 
list of positions that the NomCom is considering (along with desired 
qualifications for each position) can be found on the NomCom 2012 

Feedback about specific candidates that the NomCom is considering for 
leadership positions can be provided using this web tool:

Note that the feedback tool also provides a list of the individuals who 
have agreed to be considered for each position. The list is currently being 
updated as more individuals accept nominations, but the list should be 
quite stable starting next week.

Finally, general comments about issues the NomCom should take into 
account when filling a given position are welcomed. Please send such 
comments to

The NomCom takes very seriously the confidentiality of all feedback 
provided to the committee. Additionally, if you would like to provide 
anonymous feedback to the committee, either myself 
( or Suresh Krishnan 
( would be happy to anonymize comments 
to the committee.

Thank you for your help,
- Matt Lepinski