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NomCom 2012: Transport Area Director Appointment
May 2, 2013

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May 2, 2013
NomCom 2012: Transport Area Director Appointment
The 2012-2013 IETF Nominating committee (Nomcom) is pleased to 
announce the selection of Spencer Dawkins for the position of Transport 
Area Director on the IESG. The IAB (in its role as a confirming body) 
confirms this selection and Spencer has agreed to serve the community in 
this role. Spencer's term as Transport Area Director will begin immediately 
and will end in March of 2015 at IETF 92.

The Nomcom would once again like to thank Wes Eddy for his two years 
of service on the IESG, as well as Martin Stiemerling for his service as the 
sole Transport Area director during the period since IETF 86.

Finally, I would like to offer my thanks to everyone who was willing to be 
considered by the Nomcom for the position of Trasnport Area Director. 
The IETF cannot succeed as a volunteer organization without the 
dedication of individuals who are willing to serve the community in 
leadership roles.

The RFC 3777 process did not go as smoothly this year as any of us 
would have liked. I deeply regret the difficulties that this process caused; 
particularly, for the individuals who agreed to stand for this position.

In order to accept the position of Transport Area Director, Spencer
Dawkins has agreed to step down from his current position on the IAB. 
The Nomcom has been asked to fill this mid-term vacancy on the IAB, 
through the process described in RFC 3777. Therefore, I will be making a 
separate announcement today calling for nominations for individuals to fill 
the open position on the IAB.