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NomCom: Call for Nominations - IAB Mid-Term Vacancy
May 2, 2013

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May 2, 2013
NomCom: Call for Nominations - IAB Mid-Term Vacancy
The IETF Nominating Committee (NomCom) has been asked to fill the 
IAB position previously held by Spencer Dawkins. Therefore, the 
NomCom is soliciting nominations for individuals who would be a good 
choice to fill this position.

Since there is less than one year left in Spencer's current term, the 
Nomcom will request, as per RFC 3777, that the ISOC Board confirm the 
individual filling this seat for a term ending in April of 2016 (at IETF 95).

The desired qualifications for IAB members can be found at:

The current Nomcom had previously, considered a number of individuals
for service on the IAB. Therefore, I will be contacting each of the following 
individuals to ask if they are able to be considered for the current vacancy 
on the IAB:

-- Ron Bonica
-- Hago Dafalla
-- Barbara Fraser
-- Jon Hudson
-- David Kessens
-- Alexey Melnikov
-- Erik Nordmark
-- Dimitri Papadimitriou
-- Simon Pietro-Romano
-- Dan Romascanu

If you know of another individual that the NomCom should consider in
filling the mid-term vacancy on the IAB, you can make a nomination using
our online tool:
The Nomcom also accepts nominations via email to: 
As always, the NomCom is happy to accept self-nominations.

The NomCom wishes to move as quickly as possible in filling this mid-term 
vacancy. Therefore, if you have a nomination to make, please do so on or 
before May 12. Additionally, the Nomcom requests that individuals willing 
to be considered for this position return a completed questionnaire to 
the Nomcom on or before May  17.

Thank you for your help,
- Matt Lepinski