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Oooops CORRECTION Reply to This - Re: Nomcom 2013-14 Volunteering - 2nd Call
May 29, 2013

"Mankin, Allison" <>
"" <>
May 29, 2013
Oooops CORRECTION Reply to This - Re: Nomcom 2013-14 Volunteering - 2nd Call

Sorry - my eye was on entering the reply-to field and then I forgot....apologies in advance for 
pain that may result from this lapse.

On May 29, 2013, at 5:04 PM, "Mankin, Allison" <> wrote:

> Hi, everyone,
> Remember that I'm challenging the IETF to come up with 200 volunteers for 
> the upcoming nomcom.  You can volunteer just by hitting Reply to this email.
> What are you waiting for??  The more volunteers we get, the better chance we
> have of choosing a random yet representative cross section of the IETF 
> population.  Respond to the 200-volunteer challenge and hit Reply right now. 
> (Well, much as I want you to do this, please look below at the posts being
> filled and be sure you are willing to forgo trying for any of them this year).
> The official information:
> The IETF nominating committee (nomcom) process for 2013-14 is under way. The 
> IETF nomcom appoints folks to fill the open slots on the IAOC, the IAB,
> and the IESG. Ten voting members for the nomcom are selected in a verifiably
> random way from a pool of volunteers. 
> The details of the selection and operation of the nomcom can be found 
> in RFCs 3777, 5078, 5633, 5680, and 6859.  Four of those RFCs  (3777, 5633, 
> 5680 and 6859)  comprise BCP 10. We will also reference RFC 3797.
> Volunteers must have attended 3 of the past 5 IETF meetings.  As specified in
> RFC 3777, that means three out of the five past meetings up to the time this
> email announcement goes out to start the solicitation of volunteers. The five
> meetings out of which you must have attended three are IETF 82, 83, 84, 85, 86.
> If you qualify, reply to this email and volunteer.  
> The list of people and posts whose terms end with the March 2014 IETF
> meeting, and thus the positions for which this nomcom is responsible, are
> Chris Griffiths
> IAB:
> Bernard Aboba
> Marc Blanchet
> Ross Callon
> Eliot Lear
> Hannes Tschofenig
> Barry Leiba (Applications)
> Brian Haberman (Internet)
> Benoit Claise (Operations and Management)
> Gonzalo Camarillo (RAI)
> Stewart Bryant (Routing)
> Sean Turner (Security)
> Martin Stiemerling (Transport)
> The primary activity for this nomcom will begin in July 2013 and should be
> completed in January 2014.  Being a nomcom member will require some time
> commitment - there will be interviews with candidates at meetings, regularly
> scheduled conference calls to ensure progress, collection and review of 
> requirements from the commitment, review of candidate questionnaires and
> of community feedback.  A more detailed timetable for the nomcom tasks
> will appear soon.
> Please respond to this email before 11:59 pm EDT (UTC -4 hours) 
> June 16, 2013.  In the body include: 
> 1. your Given Name as you enter it when you register for the IETF
> 2. your Family Name as you enter it when you register for the IETF
> 3. your current primary affilation (the information you enter into the Company field)
> 4. any/all email addresses you've used to register for IETF meetings 
> 5. which email address you prefer 
> 6. your phone number (for our use in confirming you if selected).
> You should expect an email response from me within 3 business days stating
> whether or not you are qualified (and added to the list).  If you don't receive this
> response, please re-send your email adding the tag "RESEND" to the subject line.
> Participating in the IETF nomcom is a meaningful and fun way to contribute to the IETF.  
> Please help us meet the 200-volunteer challenge by hitting Reply to this message today.  
> Allison 
> Allison Mankin
> Nomcom Chair 2013-2014