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NOMCOM 2014 - announcement of IAB position
February 4, 2015

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February 4, 2015
NOMCOM 2014 - announcement of IAB position
The 2014-15 Nominating Committee has completed its deliberations
for the 6 open IAB positions.  The NOMCOM thanks all the nominees, and the community for the extensive and very valuable feedback.

(And remember that there comments on the 3rd RTG AD is open until Monday Feb. 9)

The IAB incumbents were:
  Russ Housley             
  Andrew Sullivan          
  Dave Thaler              
  Xing Li                  
  Elliot Lear              
  Joel Halpern

The following are selected by the NOMCOM for the 2015-2017 period:
 Russ Housley          
 Andrew Sullivan   
 Dave Thaler       
 Ralph Droms       
 Robert Sparks     
 Suzanne Woolf

Combined with the existing members, this produces an IAB as follows:
   * Jari Arkko, the IETF Chair (ex officio) 
   * Mary Barnes, MLB@Realtime Communications, LLC 
   * Marc Blanchet, Viagénie
   * Ted Hardie, Google
   * Joe Hildebrand, Cisco
   * Russ Housley, Vigilsec 
   * Erik Nordmark, Arista
   * Andrew Sullivan, Dyn, Inc
   * Dave Thaler, Microsoft Corporation
   * Brian Trammell, ETH Zurich
   * Ralph Droms, Cisco
   * Robert Sparks, Oracle
   * Andrew Sullivan, Dyn
   * Suzanne Woolf, Independent consultant

The list of current and past IAB members is at: