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LAST NomCom Announcement: IAB Call for Nominations
March 21, 2006

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March 21, 2006
LAST NomCom Announcement: IAB Call for Nominations
The NomCom has been asked to fill the seat on the IAB now vacant as a result of
the resignation of Pekka Nikander from his seat on the IAB.  Therefore, the
NomCom is accepting nominations for a seat on the IAB, to fill the remaining one
year of the term of the vacant IAB seat.  Nominations will close at 1700EST on
Tuesday, March 21.

More information about serving on the IAB is available at

Please send nominations, including the nominee's name, e-mail address and
telephone number (if available) to

If you were nominated for a seat on the IAB during the previous nomination
process, please contact me at to renominate yourself
for this new search.

- Ralph Droms
  Chair, 2005-2006 IETF Nominating Committee