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Concluded WG DNS Extensions (dnsext)

Note: The data for concluded WGs is occasionally incorrect.

WG Name DNS Extensions
Acronym dnsext
Area Internet Area (int)
State Concluded
Charter charter-ietf-dnsext-08 Approved
Document dependencies
Additional resources Issue tracker, Wiki
Personnel Chairs Andrew Sullivan, Ólafur Guðmundsson
Area Director Ted Lemon
Mailing list Address
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Final Charter for Working Group

The DNS has a large installed base and repertoire of protocol
specifications. The DNSEXT working group will actively advance DNS
protocol-related RFCs on the standards track while thoroughly
reviewing further proposed extensions. The scope of the DNSEXT WG is
confined to the DNS protocol, particularly changes that affect DNS
protocols "on the wire" or the internal processing of DNS data. DNS
operations are out of scope for the WG.

The WG will consider work in the following areas:

  • DNSSEC and TSIG/TKEY algorithm maintenance
  • Mechanisms that complement, or are alternatives to, TSIG and SIG(0)
  • Hardening DNS protocol and providing guidance to implementers
  • Advancing existing DNS-related Proposed Standard RFCs to Draft/Full
  • Obsoleting DNS-related RFCs
  • Improving DNS zone synchronization mechanisms
  • Examining transport protocols, possibly adding new ones
  • Mechanisms to alias DNS trees or parts thereof

Before formal adoption of any work item at least 5 working group
participants must publicly state that the item is within charter and
is a worthwhile item for further study.

The DNSEXT WG will conduct the specified RFC5395 review of RR
templates as they are posted, and EDNS0 Option templates if EDNS0-bis
updates registration requirements.

The WG will review DNS protocol related work which may originate
elsewhere in the IETF, including AD-sponsored submissions or drafts
in other working group.


Date Milestone Associated documents
May 2013 Shut down working group

Done milestones

Date Milestone Associated documents
Done Algorithm signaling document to IESG
Done RFC6195bis IANA instructions to IESG
Done DNSKEY registry updates to IESG
Done DNSSEC Errata document to IESG
Done If new protocol elements, recharter
Done Decision about new protocol elements, if any
Done DNSKEY Registry fixes and allocation procedure advanced to IESG
Done DNAME-bis to IESG
Done EDNS0-bis update advanced to IESG
Done DNS existing transport protocol recommendations/clarifications to IESG
Done AXFR Clarify to IESG
Done GOST DNSKEY and DS support advanced to IESG
Done Forgery Resilience advanced to IESG
Done RFC2538 (CERT RR) to Draft Standard
Done Finalize Zone Enumeration Requirements
Done Forward Wildcard clarification to IESG for proposed standard
Done Update boilerplate text on OPT-IN
Done Forward RFC2535-bis to IESG for proposed standard
Done Forward LLMNR to IESG for Proposed Standard
Done Forward Case Insensitive to IESG for Proposed Standard
Done Forward NSEC rdata to IESG for Proposed Standard