Agenda IETF110: nmrg

Meeting Agenda Network Management (nmrg) RG
Title Agenda IETF110: nmrg
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Meeting Agenda

NMRG 60th meeting
IETF 110, Online

Monday, March 08, 2021, 16:00-18:00 (UTC), Room 5

RG Chairs:
* Laurent Ciavaglia
* Jéröme François

RG Secretaries
* Jéferson Campos Nobre
* Pedro Martinez-Julia

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16:00   •       Introduction, RG Chairs, 5 min.

                •       Status on active Internet Drafts (35 min.)
        16:05   o       Concepts of Digital Twin Network, Cheng Zhou, 10 min. +

        16:20   o       Intent Classification (in RG last call), Olga Havel 5
        min. + Q&A

        16:30   o       Network Measurement Intent, Danyang Chen 5 min. +

        •       Technical talks on Intent-based Networking (50 min.)
        16:40   o       Automated Performance Evaluation of Intent-based
        Virtual Network Systems, Kazuki Tanabe, 15 min. + Q&A

        16:55   o       SDN Heading North: Towards a Declarative Intent-based
        Northbound Interface, Shiyam Alalmaei, 10 min. + Q&A

        17:10   o       An Intent Demonstration in an Adaptive Policy
        Environment, Joseph McNamara, 15 min. + Q&A

        •       Technical talks on AI for Network Management and Operation (30
                Focus on technical presentations in relation to challenges
                presented in the AI research challenges document

        17:30   o       Self-Driving Network and Service Coordination Using
        Deep Reinforcement Learning, Stefan Schneider, 15 min. + Q&A

        17:45   o       Problems and Strategies implementing in-network AI
        models, Matthews Jose

18:00   End