Agenda for L4S at IETF-96

Meeting Agenda Low Latency Low Loss Scalable throughput (l4s) WG
Title Agenda for L4S at IETF-96
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Last updated 2016-07-14

Meeting Agenda

   BOF: Low Latency Low Loss Scalable throughout (L4S) Draft Agenda for Berlin
TUESDAY, July 19, 2016
1400-1600  Afternoon Session I Potsdam I 
Chairs: Lars Eggert, Philip Eardley

== Draft agenda ==
1. Introduction - Chairs  
2. The problem and very high-level solution - Bob Briscoe
3. Demo: L4S in action - Koen De Schepper
4. L4S Applicability to Mobile, without flow inspection – Kevin Smith
5. L4S in a 4G/5G context - Ingemar Johansson 
6. DCTCP evolution - Praveen Balasubramanian 
7. Discussion about the technology
8. Work required by the IETF - Marcelo Bagnulo 
9. Discussion about the work required by IETF
10. Polls - Chairs

Information and reading
----------------------- - L4S
(links to maling list, internet drafts, and web page with supporting material)