Meeting Agenda Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4) WG
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Last updated 2020-03-18

Meeting Agenda

Intoduction include NOTE WELL plus agenda bashng (D. Noveck, 10 min.)
Discussion of progress and plans for standards-track document describing use of
NVMe  in connection with pNFS (S. Faibish, 20 min.) Will describe potential use
of github in connection with managing working group documents (C. Levert &
L. Eggert, 15min.) Discussion of directory performance scalability. (C. Lever,
15 min.) Discussion of possible work to distribute metadata operations, without
any attempt to stripe directories. (D. Noveck, 15 min.) Discussion of proposed
storage compression attributes. (S Faibish, 15 min.) Background and upcoming
outlook for extensions to RDDP protocols in support of memory placement and
“push mode” including discussion of whether NFSv4 is an appropriate working
group for the effort, in place of former RDDP (T. Talpey, 15 min). Discussion
of potential work to enable new RPC transports, including Quic, MpTcp and,
Within RPC-TLS, potential work to enable user certs or EAP. (C. Lever, 15 min.)