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sw103kProtocol modification of the logical link control protocol

Document Type Abandoned BOF request
Title sw103kProtocol modification of the logical link control protocol
Last updated 2023-02-01
State Abandoned
Editor katerega micheal
Responsible leadership
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This document contains the description to the request for comments relating to the sw103k protocol (103k). This document provides a brief summary of the workings of the 103k protocol and various 103k extensions on the tcp and on the logical link layer that ave happen over time. this serves as a guide and quick reference for both the sw103k implements and the other parties who desire information contained in the 103k related rfcs and also the information related to the interaction with the other protocols and 3gpp release 13,14,17 and 20 interactions

Required Details

  • Status: (not) WG Forming
  • Responsible AD: katerega micheal
  • BOF proponents: ocen jose, katerega micheal

  • BOF chairs: TBD

  • Number of people expected to attend: 100
  • Length of session (1 or 2 hours): 2 hours
  • Conflicts (whole Areas and/or WGs)
  • Chair Conflicts: TBD
  • Technology Overlap: TBD
  • Key Participant Conflict: TBD

Information for IAB/IESG

To allow evaluation of your proposal, please include the following items:

  • Any protocols or practices that already exist in this space:
  • Which (if any) modifications to existing protocols or practices are required:
  • Which (if any) entirely new protocols or practices are required:
  • Open source projects (if any) implementing this work:


  • Items, drafts, speakers, timing
  • Or a URL
    command on c to call code
    restrict usage per country