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Remote Account Maintenance Protocol

Document Charter Remote Account Maintenance Protocol WG (ramp)
Title Remote Account Maintenance Protocol
Last updated 1994-03-30
State Approved
WG State BOF Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Dave Crocker
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Draft 3/16/94 mw

From the team that developed the Internet-in-a-box, there is interest
in pursuing IETF work in the realm of ``ato-registration''. This BOF
will be held to discuss IETF interest in such an activity and how it
should proceed.

The description of the work being submitted:

Before a client system and server can interact, they must be configured
to know about each other. The Remote Account Maintenance Protocol (RAMP)
was designed to ease the process of account creation and machine
registration on server systems. RAMP clients create their own accounts
by populating pre-configured templates on RAMP servers. This frees Server
Administrators from some mundane tasks, while providing users instant
access to certain server resources.