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Security Issues in Network Event Logging

Document Charter Security Issues in Network Event Logging WG (syslog)
Title Security Issues in Network Event Logging
Last updated 2010-10-26
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Sean Turner
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Syslog has been a de-facto standard for logging system events for long
time. The syslog WG recently completed standardization of the syslog
protocol (RFC 5424), secure transport of the syslog protocol over TLS
(RFC 5425), and non-secure transport over UDP (RFC 5426).

The WG under this charter will standardize a DTLS transport for syslog,
providing a secure transport for syslog messages in cases where a
connection-less transport is desired. The threats that this WG will
primarily address are modification, disclosure, and masquerade. A
secondary threat is message stream modification. These are consistent
with those addressed in RFC 5425. Draft-feng-syslog-transport-dtls is
already similar to RFC 5425 in this respect, so this draft will become
the starting point for the WG document, which the WG will adjust as
needed, and merge desired features from other sources, such as
draft-petch-gerhards-syslog-transport-dtls, draft-hardaker-isms-dtls-tm,
and draft-seggelmann-tls-dtls-heartbeat.

The WG will also complete the ongoing work to specify a standardized
mechanism for signing syslog messages (draft-ietf-syslog-sign).