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Shepherd writeup

draft-deremin-rfc4491-bis has been present for publication as an
Informational RFC on the Independent Submissions Stream.

NOTE WELL: Although this document filename is draft-deremin-rfc4491-bis,
this document is neither an update to or a replacement of RFC 4491. The
filename simply represents an initial opinion that the document might
have been intended to replace the RFC.

== Background and History ==

This document was offered to LAMPS who declined to take on the work.
It was brought to the ISE in October 2019 at version -00.

There has been discussion with the Security ADs about the fact that
RFC 4491 will no longer be relevant upon publication of this document as
an RFC. In fact, RFC 4491 is no longer relevant anyway because the
versions of the GOST algorithms it discusses have been deprecated
(by the algorithms discussed in this document) and are forbidden to
be used in some contexts.

However, RFC 4491 is an IETF Stream document and cannot have its
status updated by an Independent Submission.  The ISE and document 
authors have drafted a Status Change notice to mark 4491 as Historic, and
have sent that to the Security ADs.

There is no requirement to synchronise or sequence the publication of
this document as an RFC and the change of RFC 4491 to Historic.

Since the publication of RFC 4491 (and the earlier 3279) the suite of
GOST algorithms have evolved and developed. The Independent Stream has
a history of providing a venue for publication of Informational
documents related to GOST in order to facilitate understanding and
implementation of the algorithms. And so it is natural to consider
publishing this document that describes the conventions for more recent
GOST algorithms and hash functions within the X.509 PKI.

This document is mainly appendixes, and most of that is test examples.
The short first part of the document is simple enough and has had
reviews from Russ Housley, Sean Turner, and the ISE. A few small fixes
to the ASN.1 were necessary, but nothing else showed up.

==Non-IETF Work==

There is no risk of confusing this for IETF work. However, it is 
important that readers are aware that the GOST algorithms have not been
endorsed by the IETF. A note to this effect is included in the Abstract
and the Introduction.

==Security Considerations==

Clearly, the whole document is about security. There is also a short 
Security Considerations section giving references for how to set the
parameters of the algorithms.


The document makes no request for IANA action.